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Stafford Oil company history

The Stafford family has been providing year-round comfort to homeowners in central New Hampshire since 1928 when George C. Stafford began selling heating oil, gasoline and appliances.

George named the business George C. Stafford and Sons as he had six sons and one daughter and was joined in the business venture with five of his six sons: Walter, William, David, Theo and Charles. The sixth son, Carroll, was a Judge of Probate Court and the daughter, Grace, ran the family bakery with her mother Regina. George died in 1938 and the business was carried on by the five sons.

In 1963 Charles’ son-in-law, Warren Mitchell, began working in the business. He easily adapted to all facets of the business and became a valued asset. In 1970, Charles’ son, Charlie joined the business and soon he and Warren purchased the home heating oil part of the business and renamed it Stafford Oil Company. Warren and Charlie adopted the work ethic and dedication to customers and the community that they learned from Charlie’s father and uncles. They also adopted the attitude that “it’s important to give back to the community and customers who have given you so much.”

In 1981 Warren’s son-in-law, Jeffrey Pearson, joined the family business. In 1997 Warren retired and sold part of his interest to Jeff. Charlie and Warren had enjoyed 27 years of working together as partners and friends. Jeff Pearson served as Vice President until his retirement in 2014. In 2006, Charlie’s son Curtis joined the family business. Curtis became a stockholder and Vice President in 2009. Curtis was elected President of all companies in June 2015 becoming the fourth generation Stafford to hold that title. Today’s management team consists of Charlie Stafford and Curtis Stafford, both of whom stand ready to continue to serve their many customers in the tradition of the generations that came before.

The Stafford family’s dedication to customers and the community hasn’t changed although the company has grown substantially. When Charlie and Warren took over Stafford Oil in the 1970s, the company sold approximately 500,000 gallons of heating oil to between 500 and 600 customers a year. By acquiring small companies and adding customers, Stafford now sells nearly 5 million gallons of heating oil to around 8,000 customers a year.

And we have many third- and fourth-generation customers—which we consider both an honor and a responsibility. Our goal, much like that of George and his sons, remains to provide customers with the very best of everything—whether we’re delivering fuel, installing new equipment or providing routine maintenance.

For almost 90 years the Stafford family has served its customers—through ups and downs in the economy, war and peace, energy price fluctuations and other geopolitical challenges—and we look forward to doing so for many years to come.

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