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Looking for an affordable, all-in-one heating and cooling solution for your New Hampshire home? Try a heat pump from Stafford Oil.

A heat pump can be an affordable and effective way to control the temperature of your home.

Save money with a heat pump

Heat pumps use a refrigerant compression cycle similar to a common household refrigerator which allows them to extract heat from the outside air even when the outside temperature is only 0 degrees. In the winter, the pump keeps your house warm by drawing in outside heat. In warmer summer months, it reverses the process to cool your house by pumping indoor heat outside.

By moving heat from one location to another, heat pumps create a comfortable environment for a lower price than some alternatives, since heat pumps typically provide up to four times the amount of energy than they use.

If you want to learn how a heat pump can lower your energy bills, contact us – our staff will be happy to help you explore the best system for your needs. Serving Laconia, Gilford, Meredith, Belmont, Tilton, Alton, Moultonborough and surrounding towns in the greater Lakes Region and Central New Hampshire.

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