Energy saving controls for hot water heating and forced air heating systems.

The smart way to automatically use less heating oil and lower your energy bills.

Our automatic energy-control systems intelligently connect outdoor temperatures to your indoor heating needs. Available for both residential and commercial buildings, these economizers connect to your hot water and forced air heating systems, yet do not void warranties.

The advantage to you is having an inexpensive, automatic “watch dog” that can easily save you 15%-20% on your energy bill simply because it takes outdoor temperatures into account when determining your indoor heating needs.

Below are just some of the excellent energy-saving controls that we both sell and support:

Heat-Timer DIGI-SPAN® HWE-SS Outdoor Reset Control

digi-span hwe-ss

The HWE-SS is an outdoor reset boiler control with many built-in features.  In addition to its single-stage boiler reset capability, it has domestic hot water priority options. It can be used to operate a domestic hot water pump and change the boiler water temperature to satisfy domestic hot water demand.

Its technical advantages include:

  • Built-in outdoor reset
  • Customizable reset ratios
  • Multiple controls that can fit every hydronic heating application
  • Built-in domestic hot water priority (DHW) control and priority
  • Can be powered by 120VAC or 24VAC without the use of external transformers
  • Can be controlled remotely using an Enable/Disable input
  • Self diagnostics
  • Solid state sensors can be extended up to 500′ from the control
  • Accuracy of ±1ºF

Ask us about our full line of Heat-Timer outdoor reset controls today for complete sales, installation and service.

Intellidyne® IntelliCon®-HW+ Hot Water Heating System Fuel Economizer

intelidine intellidine heating system fuel economizer

This microprocessor-controlled, fuel-saving device for hot water (hydronic) heating systems reduces fuel consumption, wear on parts, flue emissions and electrical usage when installed on any new or existing gas or oil burner. It saves energy by adjusting the burner run pattern to match the system’s “heat load.” Its action is similar to the industry-accepted method of “outdoor-air temperature reset control,” but does not require an outdoor-air temperature sensor or the need to profile the building in order to adjust the “reset” controller properly. IntelliCon-HW+ determines the “heat load” by using an easily installed strap-on temperature sensor that monitors the boiler’s out-flow water temperature and the rate at which this temperature is changing.

Its technical advantages include:

  • For systems up to 300,000 BTU
  • Illuminated LCD display shows fuel consumption savings, operating modes, system diagnostics and
    operating temperatures
  • Patented process reduces fuel consumption—typically 10% to 20%
  • Short payback period—typically 12 to 24 months
  • UL listed, “Energy Management Equipment”
  • Increased savings without replacing or upgrading costly system components
  • “State-of-the-art” microcomputer controller
  • Easily installed plug-in sensor(s) (includes 1 required sensor)
  • Simple installation by qualified installer
  • No programming or follow-up visits required
  • Maximum efficiency year-round
  • Reduces maintenance and extends boiler life
  • Fail-safe operation
  • Guaranteed to reduce fuel consumption
  • 15-year replacement warranty for breakdowns or defects

Ask us about our full line of Intellidyne fuel economizers today for complete sales, installation and service.

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